Guru Nanak: The Founder of Sikhism – Life and Legacy

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was a 15th-century teacher, poet, and activist whose universal message of justice and equality for all, women’s empowerment, service to others, and devotion to nature and the environment was ahead of his time. However, his story is virtually unknown to much of the Western world. Filmed on location in India, Pakistan, and throughout the U.S., this documentary interweaves the story of Guru Nanak’s life with a look at how his spiritual legacy continues to influence prominent American Sikh men and women, including Mayor Ravi Bhalla of Hoboken, N.J., Grammy Award nominee Snatam Kaur, and others.

  • Winner – Best Director – 2019 LA Awareness Film Festival

Your Health: A Sacred Matter

  • Winner – International Award of Excellence — International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary — Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Official Selection — LA Awareness Film Festival
  • Official Selection — Las Cruces International Film Festival
  • Official Selection — Alexandria Film Festival
  • Official Selection — Gallup Film Festival
  • Platinum Winner — Hermes Creative Awards

A comprehensive overview of the relationship between religion, spirituality, and health. It weaves together compelling individual stories of doctors, nurses, patients, chaplains, and caregivers. The livers they share on film are ones of personal transcendence, courage and dignity.  

The documentary and educational outreach initiative were underwritten by the John Templeton Foundation and was filmed on location nationwide. The film currently airs on public television stations nationwide. For more information, please visit

The Asian & Abrahamic Religions: A Divine Encounter in America

“The Asian & Abrahamic Religions” is a feature documentary that explores the beliefs, practices and rituals of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. Examining the similarities & differences with the Abrahamic religions, and showing how Asian religions are an integral part of American society. For more information, please visit Interfaith Films

“Excellent, thoughtful and educational doc.”
— John Doyle, The Toronto Globe

  • Official Selection – Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival
  • Winner – Gabriel Interfaith Award – TV National Release
  • Winner – Hermes Platinum Award

Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam

A groundbreaking documentary that compares similarities and differences in religious beliefs and practices that Islam has with Christianity and Judaism. It examines how people of goodwill in the Abrahamic faith communities are coming to terms with historical conflicts that impact their lives today. For more information, please visit Interfaith Films.

“A thought-provoking PBS documentary.”
The New York Times

  • Official Selection – Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival
  • Communicator Crystal Award of Excellence

Jews & Christians: A Journey of Faith

This award winning two hour television documentary examines how contemporary Jews and Christians perceive each other, confront prejudice and stereotypes, and how they can understand and respect one another despite their differences. The program is based on the book “Our Father Abraham: The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith” by Marvin R. Wilson, Ph.D. This program was funded in part by a major grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts.  For more information, please visit

“It is the single best program available on the interrelationship between Judaism and Christianity.”
Religion News Service

“The documentary is a choice example of thorough reporting and brilliant editing.”
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“A remarkable couple of hours.” New York Magazine

The National Press Club: A Century of Headlines

A documentary commemorating the National Press Club’s 100 year anniversary.  The National Press Club in Washington, DC is the world’s largest and most prestigious press club.  The documentary explores its impact on the history and future of American and international journalism.  Featuring interviews with journalism icons Bob Schieffer, Walter Cronkite, Marvin Kalb, David Broder, Simeon Booker and Helen Thomas.